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    Building owners in the northern latitudes have been dealing with freezing issues for generations. Basically any pipe the MIGHT freeze MUST be protected from freezing. Folks have provided lots of excellent suggestions. I would like to add that sometimes ...

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    Jared, Regardless of the point of termination: If traps are provided in unconditioned spaces, they will likely freeze in cold climates. Perhaps running traps (with cleanout on each leg) may be an option, if they can be located in adjacent conditioned ...

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    Sorry, I live in TX and just got internet back today. it is the mass of the gas that contains the btu's not the volume. At 14.7 psia, one cubic foot of gas weights 0.0465 lbs at 0.62 SG. At 12.046 psia, a cubic foot of gas only weights 0.038 lbs. ...

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