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    Phillip, The Dayton facility is no longer in operation, it has been closed for several years. The Flowserve website may assist, but I did not find anything related to "Duriron" piping. ------------------------------ David D. Dexter, P.E., F.ASPE, F.NSPE ...

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    Duriron is a very hard brittle silica iron. which makes it extremely durable in corrosive environments. It was used in the 1930's for its acid resistance as an alternative to Glass pipe for acid waste. Its still made but primarily used for valve bodies ...

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    Thanks David, I hope that I have built in the necessary back-up to the 140 system in over-sizing the (2) 140 degree water heaters, my preliminary calcs the largest load is the hose station running full blast at 120 degree hot water, but that would have ...

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