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ASPE Member Spotlight: Nora Ureche

By Rebekah Weidner posted 12-20-2023 11:19


What is your current position? What is your area of focus?  
I'm currently exploring new positions, but my last position I was a Mechanical Staff who specialized in plumbing design. The areas within plumbing that interest me the most are healthcare and technology applications because of the complexity those types of projects can have. I also like to explore sustainability solutions, and spent some time researching third party organization sustainability requirements as part of my Master's thesis. Overall, my main focus is plumbing systems, but as I continue my career I'd love to gain knowledge and credibility in the lab/medical gas design field and sustainability field.

What are your career journey highlights?

  • Being able to visit projects on-site and seeing the designs the engineering team built in Revit come to life.
  • Joining the sustainability council at my last place of employment and creating a space for sustainable conversations.
  • Joining ASPE and USGBC and discovering the many professional opportunities, presentations, and events that were readily available, and seeing just how many others shared the same interests as I do.

What motivated you to get into the plumbing engineering industry?
I was drawn to this industry because of how critical plumbing systems are to maintaining public health. I've always wanted to help people but wasn't comfortable with a job that directly does that, such as a nurse. With plumbing engineering design, we create the infrastructure that makes our environments work along with us rather than against us, and create the spaces where people live and work. There are many ways we can design our systems to improve the overall indoor environment and the building performance, and that in turn affects public health. I like the overarching purpose of the industry, and I love the challenge and uniqueness of every project.

What is the most exciting or rewarding aspect of your work?
Honestly, I think working on a project and seeing the design slowly progress from a vague idea into an actual calculated system is one of the most rewarding aspects I see in work. Being able to see the details slowly fall into place, and pulling the documents and drawings together to form an actual operable system and submittal is incredibly satisfying. Bringing ideas into real life is something I look forward to every time I'm put on a project!

What has receiving the Women of ASPE scholarship meant to you?
It's validating to be chosen especially as someone who is newer to the industry. I was nervous I didn't have enough knowledge to attend the symposium, but I realized that opportunities like this are supposed to be learning moments. Receiving the scholarship allowed for me to further explore some of my areas of interest, and also to build on my existing knowledge.

What was your experience like attending the recent ASPE Tech Symposium?
The Tech Symposium was an amazing experience! It was refreshing to see so many other professionals and learn a bit about their work and interests. The product show was fun to walk around and I heard many good design questions being posed to those running the booths that I never thought to consider. I learned so much through casual conversations and also through the many courses available at the symposium. The hardest challenge for me that weekend was choosing which ones to attend since I couldn't take all of them! It was also refreshing to meet up with my local ASPE chapter and catch up with familiar faces.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime outside of work? 
When I am not working, I'm most likely taking HIIT classes and pushing myself everyday! I really hope to train for a half marathon in the next year or two. I also love more lax activities like reading and playing video games, because sometimes a day spent inside is just what is needed!

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12-22-2023 10:25

Welcome Nora. Wishing you a successful journey!