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ASPE Member Spotlight: Beverly Chen

By Rebekah Weidner posted 10-18-2022 11:18


What is your current position? What is your area of focus?

I am currently a Project Engineer III at McKinstry where I focus on plumbing design from schematic design to construction administration for new construction as well as tenant improvements. I have worked on a variety of buildings including government housing, museums, airports, high-rise offices, and aquariums.

What are your Career Journey Highlights?

  • At Arup, I am proud of working with my plumbing/fire protection team on delivering the DD-CD Bangalore International Airport set, a massive jungle-inspired airport with intense coordination among various consultants.
  • With PAE, I worked on the vacuum toilet improvement at the Bullitt Center in Seattle, WA that replaced the defective composting toilets.
  • I'm currently with McKinstry; it’s been a ride to work on the Bellevue 600 Amazon Towers in Washington state, which is a set of 2 high-rise towers; this project called for pressure control on the domestic and sanitary side as well as designing a complex water heating system.

What is one piece of advice you would give to others just starting out in the field? 

PACE YOURSELF. Your career is not a sprint. There will be another email, another deadline and meeting tomorrow so do not stay too late in the office to “prove your worth.”

What motivated you to get into the plumbing engineering industry?

Our planet’s resources are finite, and our designs make a massive difference in the long run. I like seeking the latest and advanced plumbing technology to reduce potable water use and heat water more efficiently.

What is the most exciting or rewarding aspect of your work?

I always have something to look forward to at McKinstry. I enjoy learning from my supervisor, fellow McKinstry engineers & our construction/detailing teams, updating our plumbing standards, brainstorming automation ideas to ease workflow, attending site visits to witness the materialization of schematic design sets. Getting permits for projects. Kicking a deadline’s derriere out the door.

What value have you gained from participation in ASPE Connect? 

If you are confused about anything plumbing-related, you are not alone. You may have the same question as someone across the country and the conversation thread invites different opinions and experiences. I have gained advice from inspectors, master plumbers, engineers, designers, contractors and more.

What does receiving the WOA scholarship mean to you? 

A huge honor to visit the “comic con” for plumbing engineers. In fact, this is my first ASPE convention. I was excited to network with new faces, walk the Expo, learn new knowledge in the tech sessions and create new memories.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime outside of work?

Grabbing food and cooking with friends, covering pop/rock music on my bass guitar, being with my dog, improving my basketball and golf skills.




11-01-2022 12:07

Bev, it's so great to see you excelling in your career progression!  I look forward to seeing you at future ASPE events!

10-20-2022 20:58

Congratulations Beverly! I enjoyed reading your post. It looks like you have worked on some amazing projects. I have found plumbing design to be creative and challenging. I learn something new quite often, and I enjoy working with all the trades that we interact with. I wish you the best as you continue in this career.