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Wall Mounted Equipment Platforms

  • 1.  Wall Mounted Equipment Platforms

    Posted 21 days ago
    When specifying a manufactured wall mounted equipment platform for hanging water heaters above service sinks, etc, like HoldRite, what type of fasteners are you requiring? The Holdrite brochure says the platform "suspends with user supplied 3/8" hardware to mount to wall" but I would think the hanging capacity is only as good as the selected fasteners. Since I'm not a structural engineer (or designer for that matter) I'm at a loss as to how to use this product safely.

    Any comments / suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Mark Tistle
    Plumbing Designer
    Pettit & Pettit Consulting Engineers

  • 2.  RE: Wall Mounted Equipment Platforms

    Posted 20 days ago
    Worked as project manager for a plumbing contractor and we used them all the time. The installation instructions are clear about what structure is required to install the fasteners. My suggestion would be to get hold of the installation instructions from your manufacturers representative and assure your mounting detail is very clear on blocking between framing required. Make sure the structural engineer is aware that blocking is required and what connections are from blocking to vertical elements. Remember you will also have the seismic straps to block for if they are to be properly installed. 

    Connectors are only as good as the material they are connected too.

    Jim Tullis CPD
    Monterey County Ca. RMA